The atmosphere is sometimes almost magical in the masseria, and that’s because it is decorated with authentic, vintage and specially handmade, one-of-a-kind items. The peperocini crown is one of them!

Nature is kind to us. When it's harvest time, these chillies come in abundance in the farm fields where you can spot miles of tiny but bright red chillies.

When dried, the chillies become dark red to ruby hues, brightening any room or dinner table with a touch of heartfelt warmth. You can hang them on the wall or use them as a centerpiece at a dinner party and of course as a condiment as well to add some spice of life in the kitchen.

Every summer, we plant chillies of many varieties in our gardens. We harvest them in September, when they reach maturity at its peak spiciness and strikingly red. The sharp spicy fragrance is distinct throughout the months of September and October by the fireplace.

This is where the women of the family will gather around the warmth to create exotic chilly garlands, a labour of love. These spectacular garlands are weaved as a family tradition, each crown is unique and deftly handmade with a tender loving touch. Like all beautiful things, it is delicate and skilfully crafted with lots of patience and gifted hands.

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