Pugliese olive trees are the lifeblood of the region. Ours is a blended oil in which the various cultivars find a harmonious balance, best expressing their respective characteristics in the making of a unique olive oil.

The luscious, smooth, and light oil is versatile which can be used in salads, cooking, frying and even just for dipping with bread. A litre will last you a few months. To store this treasure, don’t forget to acquire our custom-made ceramic bottle that’s beautifully handcrafted and designed from inspirations of ancient olive oil bottles in a nearby town.
At the Maseria Potenti, 70 hectares of olive trees are cultivated. Since 2003, the new plants of Leccina, Fantoio, Cima di Melfi and Coratina varieties have been added to the old olive groves of the Ogliarola and Cellina di Nardo varieties. In 2020, 100 more are planted to continue the tradition of flourishing olive oil production in the family.

From the month of October, the harvest begins with a manual tree shaking to collect the delicate olives. A netting is placed underneath the tree to collect the olives to avoid bruising and contamination with the soil. In the same day, the olives are milled at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees to produce the highest quality of olive oil.

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