Primitivo Neropotenti is produced in the vineyards of Masseria Potenti, located in Piana di Manduria in the province of Taranto. Made from pure Primitivo grapes harvested and selected only by hand, in the first ten days of September.   The maceration technique is used in thermo-conditions, extracting this smooth and flavourful wine that you can’t resist drinking. The wine delicately undergoes malolactic fermentation and ages in steel tanks before they are bottled. This wine has an intense ruby red color, almost a deep violet. The nose opens to the fragrant aromas of red roses and iris flowers, enriched with fruity hints of red berries. The taste is soft and fresh, with fair elegant tannins and gentle aromatic persistence. Recommended with combination of hard cheeses, grilled meats and game, this red wine is also an excellent accompaniment to spicy dishes and lamb. We believe that Primitivo will soon be acclaimed as one of the most appreciated wines in the world.


The first historical notes of the Primitivo dates back to the second half of the 1700s, when Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati primicerio of the Church of Gioia del Colle noticed that among the many vines, one was distinguished by its premature ripening of this particular black grape. Its extraordinary sweetness and taste is so distinctive that it could be harvested at the end of August. (primitivo in Italian = premature). He selected this unique grape and planted an entire vineyard. Thus was born the first monoculture of "Primaticcio" and later expanding all over the lands of Gioia del Colle, Altamura and Acquaviva delle Fonti. The most flourishing regions of the Primitivo are found in the Salento lands, especially in the lands of Manduria and Maruggio, where the vine grows in a favourable habitat. There’s a famous folklore often told that during the wedding of the Countess Sabini of Altamura and Don Tommaso Schiavoni-Tafuri of Manduria, this noblewoman presented to her husband cuttings of this grape variety as dowry. Don Tommaso planted these cuttings and the rest is history.

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